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Cool Proposal Ideas


If you are planning to pop the question and are researching cool proposal ideas, I have to tell you the bar has been raised on cool proposals. If popping the question over a pricey pasta dinner is your best idea, then you must read on. There are three keys to creating a cool proposal. It needs to be memorable, meaningful and successful (ie: she barely gets out a yes through tears of joy). We asked our vendors, readers and blog friends to tell us about some guys that really nailed the proposal thing and they did not disappoint.

Cody Spence of All Star Catering

My family is close w/ singer Wade Bowen. We love his music and when Kandace and I started dating she had never heard of him. The first song I ever played for her by Wade was Who I Am (the song he plays after I propose in the video). It instantly became her favorite song, and after a couple years we talked about how Who I Am would be the song we danced to first at our wedding.

The whole week before I was nervous even though I had no doubt she’d say yes, because I was not 100% certain of how it was going to happen (or even if it was going to happen) because it all depended on what Wade said that evening when we arrived at the concert. So basically it was all in the air until about 90 minutes before I went up and proposed.

Also, the day before I drove up to Ft Worth to ask for her dad’s blessing in the middle of a blizzard and drove back all in one day, so I had had near no sleep. There was around 1,000 people at the concert, and after we went down and danced, the people on the dance floor cleared out for us to dance in the center of the floor. It was a very cool experience! Fortunately for us, the whole thing was caught on video.

Lian Matias

The groom took her on a road trip and on the way they saw signs saying “to Gili and Ido’s wedding’ (their names.) The groom said “Oh My God, look a couple with our name is getting married. Let’s check it out and started to follow the signs. The signs led them to a parking area where an usher asked their names and said “We’ve been waiting for you.” As they got out of the car, a Rabbi jumped out of the bushes and asked them to follow him to a beautiful vista where Ido got down on one knee etc…

Lauren Harper Grove of Every Last Detail

The bride comes home from work to her home filled with white candles and a trail of rose petals leading to her bedroom. On her bed is a gorgeous beaded dress with a white rose and a note that says, “Put this on and meet me at the beach.” At the beach, she finds her Mr. Right standing on the beach in the center of a circle of more white candles. Then, they head back to her house to celebrate with chocolate dipped strawberries and champagne.

Kaity Fisher, Woodlands Bride Reader

I love to run and I always dreamed of my perfect proposal… I would be running a race (5k, 10k, marathon, etc.) and my significant other would surprise me by showing up to support me after I started my run. First he would be at a mile marker (or somewhere along the way) and he would have a sign with something basic like “I love you”. As I would make my way through the course he would meet me along the way with romantic signs or a story, possibly about our journey together. I would know something was up and it would make my race so much better! At the end of my race as I’m crossing the finish line the last sign would be the “will you marry me” sign.

Megan Acosta of Glamour and Grace

The groom took his future bride on a run at Red Rocks Amphitheater in Colorado. As they were running, he pretended to need to take a break at the top and pulled the ring out of his camelback. After she said yes, nearby under a tent, their friends and family and a gorgeous engagement party had been planned for them to celebrate. The groom also worked with a photographer who slyly caught the whole things on camera.

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