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What to Wear for Engagement Photos

great engagement photo

Photo by Hilary Cam Photography

Be yourselves. Those two words sum up the best advice about what to wear for engagement photos. This is the start of a new, exciting life with the person you love and adore most!

As you plan and budget for your engagement photo shoot, here are some inspiring tips from some of the top wedding pros in The Woodlands and North Houston. We have also pulled from our many engagement photo shoots to help get your creative juices flowing!

Wear Clothes that are Uniquely You

YOU are the focus of the engagement shoot, but like most people, clothes tell a part of our story. Be comfortable, and don’t dress for anybody but yourselves. If you want to wear jeans and a tee shirt, then go for it. If you and your fiance are die-hard baseball fans and you want to sport some jerseys for the shoot, do it.

There’s no perfect answer to what to wear for engagement photos. Just think about when you’ve grown old together and you look back on this exciting time. Your clothes will be part of that story, so wear that story for the shoot!

Also, don’t forget the importance of comfort! If you are not comfortable, there is a good chance it will show in the photos. A good photographer will always try to capture natural shots throughout the shoot, but if you’re cold, your clothes don’t fit right, or whatever, that natural discomfort is hard to hide.

what to wear for engagement photos

Photo by Designs by Karinda

what to wear for engagement photo

Photo by Kasey Lynn Photography

rustic engagement photos

Photo by Designs by Karinda

When Clothes Don’t Matter!

If you have a great photographer like Jonathan Ivy, then for some of your shots, your clothes won’t matter. We think all couples should consider getting at least one shot with the couple blacked out!

Engagement Photo

Photo by Jonathan Ivy Photo

engagment pictures

Photo by Jonathan Ivy Photo

Choose YOUR Perfect Spot!

Do you just want beautiful scenery, or do you want a place with special meaning for the occasion? Many couples want both, but just remember that this is about you!

We have seen couples take engagement photos at a baseball stadium because that’s what they love. We have seen others take their photos at a farm because the nostalgia of both being raised on a farm.

Sometimes an unfamiliar, beautiful location has a ton of meaning for couples. You are starting your new lives together, and that too is a beautiful thing. Don’t think that because a location has no meaning for your past, that it’s not a great option for your engagement shoot.

engagement photo

Photo by Jonathan Ivy Photography

rustic engagement photo

Photo by Surak Kim Photography

Props can add a great touch

It is fairly common for couples to use some sort of object during an engagement shoot. More often than not, props are meaningful and make a wonderful addition to an engagement shoot.

Some couples include their dogs in some of the photos because of the emotional connection to them. Sometimes there is an emotional connection to pets that becomes a very literal part of a marriage. Including them in a few engagement photos can be priceless to a couple.

Other types of props include crafty banners, a guitar, or a golf club. Any of these items may have a ton of meaning to a couple, so why not use them. The great thing about using props like these are that you use them in as many photos as you want, and then put them aside. They don’t need to be in every shot!

engagement photo with dog

Photo by Memories by Maryanne

engagement photo shoot

Photo by Jonathan Ivy Photography

engagement photo with kids

Photo by Photography by Niki

More Inspiring Examples for Local Couples

old town spring engagement shoot

Photo by Jonathan Ivy Photography

what to wear at engagement photo

Photo by Kasey Lynn Photography

what to wear at an engagement photo shoot

Photo by Dash Photography

What to Wear for Engagement Photos?

As you can see, only you and your fiance can answer this question, but we hope this inspires you and gives you a good foundation to make your decision! If you need the help of some of our trusted photographers, then don’t forget to check out our vendor guide. If you’re newly engaged and planning your wedding, don’t forget to use our interactive tool to search top wedding venues in Houston.


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