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5 Tips for Hiring and Working with a Wedding Videographer


It may be tempting to enlist your friend or relative to man a video camera during your wedding, but it is one that you may live to regret. A great wedding videographer captures the feelings, the sounds, and the important moments in a cinematic masterpiece that will enable you to relive your wedding long after the day is over. Like wedding photography, videography has made some major advancements in the way the wedding is captured and presented. Cheesy transitions are a thing of the past and the new cinematic look and feel are in. How do you make sure you are getting the best when you hire a wedding videographer? Simply follow these 5 tips.

1. Look at their past work. This is probably the most important question you can ask in an interview. They should also have a blog or website where you can look through their portfolio. Also, be sure that it is samples of the actual videographer that will be on site at your wedding. If it is a larger company, they could show you the work of their best videographer and send a newbie to your wedding. Seeing is believing and you will be able to see the quality and style they shoot and how they edit the video.

2. Get the package details. Does it include shooting, editing and the DVD? Do you get a trailer and a full edit? How much do extra DVDs for the mothers and grandmothers cost? Is there extra cost for mileage, extended time, music, etc? Make sure you walk away with a detailed quote so you know exactly what you need and what you are getting for the price.

3. Fill them in. Everything flows better when you are on the same page before the wedding. The videographer may want to put a microphone on you, the groom, or the minister and you need to allot time for that. They may also need special outlets or a place to store equipment. Fill them in on what is happening at your wedding so they don’t miss important moments such as first looks, special dances, or traditions that you wouldn’t want them to miss.

4. Are you camera shy? Many brides hesitate to hire a videographer because they are camera shy. They dread the idea of spending the whole night with a camera in their face or worse having to talk on camera. If this is you, have that conversation with the person you hire. A great videographer can be very discreet and wouldn’t force you to talk on camera if it made you uncomfortable. If you are not great with words in an impromptu setting, consider writing a letter and reading it so you can gather your thoughts and practice.

5. Go Live. Some videographers have the capability to stream your wedding live. It is perfect for the bride and groom with family and friends who can’t make it to the wedding but would still love to attend virtually! If this interests you, ask if the videographer offers this option!

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